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How do you think the robotic sex doll?

How do you think the robotic sex doll?
Issue Time:2018-08-13
How do you think the robotic sex doll?

Sergi Santos is a man with a mission: He wants to make sure robotic sex dolls that enjoy the sex as much as the humans ― or at least act like they do.

The Barcelona-based engineer has just created a solid TPE sex doll named “Samantha,” who is equipped with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

As the video above demonstrates, Samantha responds when the user touches her hands and hips by saying positive statements like “I love this” and “Nice and gentle” in a singsong voice.

“Basically she likes to be touched. She has different modes of interaction ― she has romantic, she has family and she has also sexy modes,” Santos told Ruptly TV.

Santos also said she “likes” to be kissed while putting his finger in her mouth, in a manner that’s not awkward at all.

Santos said it doesn’t take much for Samantha to respond to romantic overtures.

“Normally she likes to be kissed always and also she responds to, basically, the G-spot and also the breasts,” he said. “She also responds to the hands.”

However, she’s no sure thing.

Santos said she is programmed to want romance first, then get comfortable before getting sexual.

“The objective, the final objective of the sexual mode is to give her an orgasm,” said Santos.

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